Philip Hau Sørensen

PhD Student

B.Sc. Human Life Science Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, 2019 Biotechnology, Technical University of Denmark, 2021

Twitter: @PhilipGeorgeHa1

Interests: Synthetic biology, Genetic circuits, Orthogonal translation, RNA biology, Nanopore sequencing

PhD student working on developing orthogonal translation systems to determine the design rules governing the function of ribosomes.

Professional interests outside of synthetic biology include biosecurity, where I’m currently a member of the Biosafety and Biosecurity committee for the international iGEM competition.

I am a big advocate for the accessibility of synthetic biology, which is why I am a part of the organising committee for the international GOGEC competition: A competition that aims to provide an open space for university students to present their synthetic biology related work to the rest of the world - without being limited by having to pay participation fees.


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