Information regarding key tools developed by the lab can be found in the following sections. All publicly released software is available at our GitHub repository and plasmid DNA is deposited at addgene.


BSim is an agent-based modelling tool designed to allow for the study of bacterial populations. By enabling the description of bacterial behaviours, it attempts to provide an environment in which to investigate how local interactions between individual bacterium leads to the emergence of population level features, such as cooperation and synchronisation.

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DNAplotlib enables highly customizable visualization of individual genetic constructs and libraries of design variants. It can be thought of in many ways as matplotlib for genetic diagrams. DNAplotlib is capable of SBOL Visual compliant diagrams in addition to a format able to better illustrate the precise location and length of each genetic part.

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NetEvo is a computing framework and collection of end-user tools designed to allow researchers to investigate evolutionary aspects of dynamical complex networks. By providing tools to easily integrate each of these factors in a coherent way, it aims to explore how they lead to the emergent properties displayed by many complex systems.

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