Ana Rubio Denniss


Current Appointments:

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B.Sci. Physics, University of Bristol, 2015

Twitter: @amrubes

Interests: nano-medicine, swarm control, biophysics, microfluidics


EPSRC DTP funded student with a background in Physics. Interested in the application of nano-medicine and control of nano and microscopic swarms for improved human health. Her main supervisor is Sabine Hauert (Engineering Mathematics and Bristol Robotics Laboratory).

All publications

Long-term imaging and spatio-temporal control of living cells using light
Wijewardhane N.S., Rubio Dennis A., Uppington M., Hauser H., Gorochowski T.E., Piddini E., Hauert S.
Proceedings of the MARSS Conference , , 2022.

Q-learning for real time control of heterogeneous microagent collectives
Rubio Dennis A., Mateu L.F., Gorochowski T.E., Hauert S.
Proceedings of the ALIFE Conference , 19, 2022.

An open platform for high-resolution light-based control of microscopic collectives
Rubio Dennis A., Gorochowski T.E., Hauert S.
Advanced Intelligent Systems , 2200009, 2022.

Towards engineering biosystems with emergent collective functions
Gorochowski T.E., Hauert S., Kreft J.-U., Marucci L., Stillman N.R., Tang T.-Y.D., Bandiera L., Bartoli V., Dixon D.O.R., Fedorec A.J.H., Fellermann H., Fletcher A.G., Foster T., Giuggioli L., Matyjaszkiewicz A., McCormick S., Montes Olivas S., Naylor J., Rubio Denniss A., Ward D.
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 8, 705, 2020.

Augmented reality for the engineering of collective behaviours in microsystems
Rubio Denniss A., Gorochowski T.E., Hauert S.
International Conference on Manipulation, Automation and Robotics at Small Scales (MARSS), 2019. (online)

Talks and posters

  • Augmented Reality for the Engineering of Collective Behaviours in Microsystems, MARSS Conference 2019, Helsinki, Finland (Jul 2019)
  • A low-cost device for controlling microscopic swarms, Multi-agent Modelling Meets Synthetic Biology Meeting 2019, University of Bristol, UK (Jun 2019)
  • A low-cost device for controlling microscopic swarms, Inauguration of the Max Planck-Bristol Centre for Minimal Biology, University of Bristol, UK (Mar 2019)
  • Optically Controlling Microscopic Swarms in Space and Time, Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials Symposium, University of Bristol, UK (Jan 2019)