Antoni Matyjaszkiewicz


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Ph.D. Engineering Mathematics, University of Bristol, 2016
M.Res. Complexity Sciences, University of Bristol, 2011
M.Eng. Engineering Mathematics, University of Bristol, 2010

GitHub: antmatyjajo

Interests: synthetic biology, genetic circuits, multi-agent systems, biophysics


Post-doctoral research associate whose research focus is on modelling intra-/extra-cellular dynamics in bacterial cells, specifically in engineered gene regulatory networks designed to operate across multiple populations. Particularly interested in the integration of models, and estimation of their parameters, when dynamics occur across multiple temporal and spatial scales and across populations.

All publications

BSim: an agent-based tool for modeling bacterial populations in systems and synthetic biology
Gorochowski T.E., Matyjaszkiewicz A., Todd T., Oak N., Kowalska K., Reid S., Tsaneva-Atanasova K.T., Savery N.J., Grierson C.S., di Bernardo M.
PLOS ONE 7, e42790, 2012.