Carlos Classen

Visiting Student

Current Appointments:

Previous Appointments:

B.Sc. Informatics, RWTH Aachen University, 2023


Interests: artificial life, evolvability, genetic circuits, adaptive systems, synthetic morphology, gene regulatory networks, cybergenetics


I am a master informatics student from Aachen, Germany. My first steps into computational biology happened during my work at the Institute for Human Genetics and Genome Medicine at the University Hospital Aachen. Participating in the iGEM competition a few years ago brought my attention to the possibilities of synthetic biology.

A research stay at the CNAG-CRG in Barcelona allowed me to delve into the transcriptomic profiling of diseases, especially chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Shortly after, at Univerzita Karlova in Prague, I was able to deepen my understanding of how evolutionary principles can be applied in algorithmics and genetic programming.

In the Biocompute lab, my research will focus on evolvability in the process of designing synthetic biological systems.