Daniel Dixon

PhD Student


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M.Sci. Biology, University of Bristol, 2015

Twitter: @dordixon

Interests: synthetic biology, genetic circuits, robutness, evolution


Student at the EPSRC/BBSRC Synthetic Biology Centre for Doctoral Training with a background in Biology. Investigating how variation in gene expression arises and is propagated in gene regulatory networks, using a combination of computational and experimental tools.

All publications

Towards engineering biosystems with emergent collective functions
Gorochowski T.E., Hauert S., Kreft J.-U., Marucci L., Stillman N.R., Tang T.-Y.D., Bandiera L., Bartoli V., Dixon D.O.R., Fedorec A.J.H., Fellermann H., Fletcher A.G., Foster T., Giuggioli L., Matyjaszkiewicz A., McCormick S., Montes Olivas S., Naylor J., Rubio Denniss A., Ward D.
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 8, 705, 2020.

Automated visualization of genetic designs using DNAplotlib
Bartoli V., Dixon D.O.R., Gorochowski T.E.
In: Braman J. (eds) Synthetic Biology. Methods in Molecular Biology 1772, Humana Press, New York, NY, 2018.