Jazz Ghataora

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Current Appointments:

Previous Appointments:

B.Sc. Cellular & Molecular Biology, Aston University, 2014-2018
M.Sc. Molecular Biotechnology, University of Birmingham, 2018-2019
PhD. Biological Sciences, University of Bath, 2019-2022

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Interests: synthetic biology, genetic circuits, structural biology, science communication


PDRA in the BioCompute lab focusing on using next generation reporter tags in optimising yeast bioengineering for various industrial applications.

My first formal introduction to synthetic biology was through my BSc molecular biology modules, which immersed me into the world of protein engineering, next-generation sequencing, and DNA assembly methods. Subsequently, my interests in synthetic biology were further reinforced by my MSc in Molecular Biotechnology. Here, my MSc thesis explored the use of the model Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis, as a chassis for the construction of bacterial biosensors to monitor heavy metal pollution in the environment. My recent PhD project continued this work of using Bacillus subtilis as a biosensor. Here, I designed more sophisticated logic gate circuits, utilised chimeric protein engineering to overcome genetic part incompatibility, and developed a comprehensive toolbox of parts and devices to advance Bacillus subtilis as a chassis for the development of heavy metal biological monitoring tools. In addition, I explored the use of bacterial-calcite precipitation as a means of detoxifying heavy metal contaminated environments.

Since its kickstart in the early 2000s, I firmly believe we are in the century which will showcase how synthetic biology can be used to provide solutions to some of humankind’s most pressing matters.