Matt Tarnowski

Ph.D. Student

MChem Chemistry, University of Sheffield, 2010-2014
Graduate Programme, AstraZeneca, 2014-2016

Twitter: @co_evolver

GitHub: pluralise

Interests: nanopore sequencing, bioinformatics, genotype-phenotype maps, microbiology, responsible innovation, agroecology, ecosystem restoration, fermentation, soil science, one health

4th year PhD using nanopore sequencing to engineer novel genetic tools and methods to study them. Enjoying applying microbiology on the side: growing and fermenting food, beverages, compost and biofertiliser. Co-founder of South-West Agroecology Network. Future research directions: agroecology, fermentation, one health and ecosystem restoration.


Massively parallel characterisation of engineered transcript isoforms using direct RNA sequencing
Tarnowski M.J., Gorochowski T.E.
bioRxiv, 2021.01.02.425091, 2021.

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Living computers powered by biochemistry
Greco F.V., Tarnowski M.J., Gorochowski T.E.
The Biochemist 41, 14-18, 2019.

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