Pierre-Aurelien Gilliot

PhD Student


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M.Eng. École Polytechnique, 2019

Twitter: @PierreAurelien3

GitHub: PAgilliot

Interests: synthetic biology, genetic circuits, machine learning, probabilistic modelling


Student at the EPSRC/BBSRC Synthetic Biology Centre for Doctoral Training with a background in Mathematics, Pierre is interested in applying modern statistical techniques to describe and design DNA sequences with bespoke properties. Like Jennifer Lawrence or Lambert Wilson, Pierre is a Leo with Sagittarius rising, meaning he’s naturally enthusiastic and optimistic. When he’s not in the lab, he can usually be found playing the violin, trying to replicate a Tasty recipe or sipping a pumpkin spice latte while reading some Beauvoir. Favourite quote is “Live Laugh Love”.


Transfer learning for cross-context prediction of protein expression from 5'UTR sequence
Gilliot P.A., Gorochowski T.E.
bioRxiv, 2023. (DOI: 10.1101/2023.03.31.535140)

All publications

Design and analysis of massively parallel reporter assays using FORECAST
Gilliot P.A., Gorochowski T.E.
In: Selvarajoo K. (eds) Computational Biology and Machine Learning for Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology 2553, 41-56, 2023.

Sequencing enabling design and learning in synthetic biology
Gilliot P.A., Gorochowski T.E.
Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 58, 54-62, 2020.