Shivang Joshi

PhD Student

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Previous Appointments:

B.Sc. Biotechnology, Imperial College London, 2014-2018
M.Res. Systems and Synthetic Biology, Imperial College London, 2018-2019

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GitHub: sj3214

Interests: Synthetic Biology, Biosensors, Genetic Computation


I am a first year PhD student who will be working on a DSTL funded project that will look at developing a new form of cellular biosensors based on sensing arrays and complex genetic computation. I have had a long-standing interest in genetic engineering and manipulating biology to perform novel functions with predictable and robust outcomes. My vision for synthetic biology is for it to one-day be part of our everyday lives, not too dissimilar to the way we use cars and computers. To realise this future, engineered biological systems must be robust, predictable, dependable and safe, principles that I will strive to engrain in my work.