Vittorio Bartoli

Ph.D. Student

M.Eng. Chemical Engineering with Biotechnology, University of Manchester, 2014

Twitter: @vittoroli

GitHub: VittorioBartoli

Interests: synthetic biology, genetic circuits, industrial biotechnology, microfluidics, chemical engineering, bioinformatics, deep learning

I aim to apply engineering principles to better design living systems for use as biochemical factories. If designed right these cellular factories could convert waste into valuable products in a way that is both environmentally and economically sustainable. My research is highly inter-disciplinary, combining existing technologies from different fields to accelerate innovations in synthetic biology into real world applications.


All published works


Self-adaptive biosystems through tunable genetic parts and circuits
Bartoli V., di Bernardo M., Gorochowski T.E.
Current Opinion in Systems Biology 24, 78-85, 2020.

Towards engineering biosystems with emergent collective functions
Gorochowski T.E., Hauert S., Kreft J.-U., Marucci L., Stillman N.R., Tang T.-Y.D., Bandiera L., Bartoli V., Dixon D.O.R., Fedorec A.J.H., Fellermann H., Fletcher A.G., Foster T., Giuggioli L., Matyjaszkiewicz A., McCormick S., Montes Olivas S., Naylor J., Rubio Denniss A., Ward D.
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 8, 705, 2020.

Tunable genetic devices through simultaneous control of transcription and translation
Bartoli V., Meaker G.A., di Bernardo M., Gorochowski T.E.
Nature Communications 11, 2095, 2020.

  • 'Behind the Paper' at the Nature Biotechnology Community (link).


Automated visualization of genetic designs using DNAplotlib
Bartoli V., Dixon D.O.R., Gorochowski T.E.
In: Braman J. (eds) Synthetic Biology. Methods in Molecular Biology 1772, Humana Press, New York, NY, 2018.

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